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Why the Good Food Foundation?

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Our Directors

Seasons is a fine dining brand owned by Brelita, a company proudly New Zealand owned and operated.
Brelita are dedicated to providing naturally authentic fresh and healthy tasting food.

Luciell McIlroy

Luciell is the Managing Director of Brelita. She is of Tahitian, Samoan and German descent and worked as a senior manager at Coca-Cola for 10 years, gaining a wealth of experience in FMCG.

She studied accountancy and has two diplomas in Marketing & Operations; and an MBA from the University of Auckland which she completed in 2001. She is in charge of new product development, marketing and liaising with the suppliers and major customers like Progressive and Foodstuffs Nationwide.

Brett McIlroy

Brett is in charge of the operational side of the business in conjunction with his role as a regional sales business development. He ensures the ingredients are sourced fresh from the best suppliers in the country and overseas and that the Brelita products are delivered fresh and on time throughout New Zealand. Brett is in charge of the logistics which ensures from our factory to the customers final hands that the quality of our product reaches it’s final destination without compromising our high quality standards. He has worked in the FMCG industry for a number of years.

“We are very selective when sourcing our local and imported ingredients that will provide our customers and consumers with the best experience. Eat good to feel good, and look great!”

Luciell McIlroy – Managing Director, Brelita Foods